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How to Resolve Your Child Custody Dispute Without Giving Up, Giving In, or Going Broke

​​The Prevention Network is committed to providing parents with a high quality learning experience that is affordable, accessible, and focused on protecting kids from the negative impact of a custody dispute. To provide judicial officers, family law attorneys, custody evaluators, parent coordinators, mediators, and mental health professionals with research-based programs targeted at helping parents resolve, or at the very least de-escalate, their custody disputes.


A New Way to Win contains insider tips that will show you how you can save thousands of dollars, improve your relationship with your kids, sleep better at night, and put the family law courts behind you. 


If you are in a difficult custody situation and have tried everything you can think of to help the kids "win", but have failed, this book is for you. 


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​​Tobias Desjardins, is a licensed clinical social worker, mediator, and shared-custody educator. He is the author of A New Way to Win.

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